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Renewable Energy beats coal in the USA

May 1, 2019 | Sustainability

Did you see the news? Renewable energy overtook coal in generating electricity in the US for the first time ever! With all the election rhetoric floating around bringing the whole country back to reviving the black diamond, you could not have believed how phased out the industry really is!

green backhoe digging hole in the middle of mountain

While there are about 160,000 jobs in the declining coal mining sector in the USA, the job stats are quadrupled for the renewable energy sector at 777,000. So we do know that renewable energy is beating coal at what it was fondly remembered with, the job security. There is also a need for highly skilled renewable energy engineers and other skilled people in the sector.

Then what is the government addicted to? Is the government stuck in the past and want the people to relive their glory days. The country’s economy is cast in the shadow of the growing power and influence exerted by the Republic of China. After all, how long would fake news get anyone to? Two terms, maybe?

man beside boy holding red and white rally signage

It is high time that the Trump administration catch up to the democrats on the race towards renewable energy. The Americans cannot afford to lose out on the race with their Asian counterparts and for the first time in a while, lose out on a growing industry. After all, who would be blamed in the history of the future for not being able to keep America first? Of course, it would be the dear little orange Mr. President.

But the age old question on how renewable energy can ensure reliability still pops up now and again. This is exactly the topic I am currently working on for my thesis in my Masters program. And I ensure you I will get to the bottom of it for the sake of my grades (and you, the reader, of course!)