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2023: The Year I Am Catching Up With AI

2022 was a beautiful year. It was a milestone year for me personally more than professionally. I am now a married man, having been through a couple of wedding receptions already, which took out a good chunk of my year.

Can the World Cup be Cancelled?
The West has launched a spate of attacks on Qatar's human rights record as well as corruption allegations, that has affected the coverage of the World Cup hosted by the nation. The cancel culture has been able to prevent popular celebrities from being a part of the...
Ukraine and Palestine: Invasion vs War

War in the Middle East is a never-ending story, and now it seems like this applies in Europe as well. What are the similarities between the occupation of Palestine and Ukraine?

New Beginnings

Here’s to living in the new reality. What does it really mean?

The End of a Warm Summer
Hi there, it has been a while! For the first time in over a year, I took a break from weekly blogging- for three months to be exact. A summer break helps everyone who can afford it. This summer, I had my first backpacking experience in the post-pandemic era....