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Directions Ahead

May 11, 2020 | Sustainability

A day from now,
We stay locked down.
‘Rona’s the talk of the town.
Still on the countdown
Till the end of the shutdown.
The world is runing on a dressing gown
From small towns to the downtown,
On the edge of a nervous breakdown.

A week from now, here’s a heads up!
The country’s gonna wake up.
They dont want you to burn up
From the lockup, screw up or break up.
Lads cleaning up, lasses on make-up
And everyone’s back to hooking up.
The engine’s now warming up
But back up! The motorways are piled up.

A month from now,
The fear hasn’t left our chests,
Yet we’re on a quest to pay our debts 
Accrued in the house arrest.
The world’s in a state of unrest
Like the Wild West, 
Sinking without a life vest.
The protests are still oppressed,
The rich are scared of the poor
That they might infect like insects.

A year from now, we’re right
At the end of the tunnel with bright light.
The sight here is all flight, no fight 
Despite the climate fright.
We cant sight meteorites but sit tight
‘Cause Capitalism is a dynamite
That sets alight 
When people fight for their rights.

Now listen alright?
The desperate may reunite
To occupy London and Wall street
And the financial blight might reignite
Squares, Tahrir and Tianenmen!

Hello dear reader, I hope that you enjoyed this bit of poetry. I would love for you to add on to it as I have only used up, down, right and left so far. Get creative in the comments below or message me your piece. Let’s collaborate!