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New Beginnings

Jan 21, 2022 | Personal

2020 was the year that changed everyone. Even if you were living under a rock, you would still be affected by the monstrosity of it. 2021 was the year of cure for the rich, it was the year when the rich nations hoarded and rolled out vaccines to get further ahead and increase the inequalities of this world. The world overlooked Africa, as it always did. The inflation struck the poor and sent the middle class deeper into the vacuum of capitalistic inequality.

Being in the luckier half of the almost 8 billion population who earned above the $5.50-a-day poverty line, I was focused on building myself throughout the year. Covid restrictions simply meant longer journeys with potential quarantines which meant more time to develop myself! In a snapshot, 2021 has been the year of nurturing my spirituality. After a brief scramble in the previous year, I was ready to learn more- knowledge is surely a land of endless horizons to a seeker who is willing to travel forever.

Of course, new year, new beginnings. Western Islam is stuck between the conservative ideals of the right and the liberation theology of the left, almost like an orphan seeking refuge in a broken family. Of course, the east is just as broken as the west, in its own way. There are no true brotherhoods between the nations but fleeting affairs that do not stand the test of time- much like the people of the world itself. The internet age is not something the thinking apes are able to handle, and it shows through rampant misinformation, lack of social cohesion, ever-growing levels of depression and need for a metaverse- a new world of refugees who want to escape the scary reality of life.

It has been a while since I posted here, I apologise, it was hard to follow the last one. The procrastination simply didn’t end. I have been an adrenaline junkie for a bit, pushing past my comfort zone to get into the depths of my bucket list through sky dives and surf sessions. I wrote a New Year’s post but it felt too personal to share. May be when the thinking ape has the courage to share, he will do it.

Looking forward, I see a year of new ventures and adventures, whose successes and failures are simply out of my hand, but it takes my effort to know where they end up. The old keeps flashing by in the distance, with a look of yearning towards the new. The seeker in me is looking for a golden snitch that never existed – that opens up a world of peace and prosperity without judgement. Here’s to hoping that I post more this year!