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An ode to a green decade

Dec 26, 2019 | Personal, Sustainability


I found myself nearing the horizon of the decade,

The brute glare forcing me to look back

At the feats we’ve championed, yet I am dismayed.


Alas! Our success has come with a stark payback

From our dear planet, Oh dear, what have we done,

The floods and the heatwaves as replies to the tarmac.


Rebellions push us down the green path but the cost overruns

Push the suits into a chicken run after cases with green paper filling,

Why are we so easily distracted by pub runs, Brexit and machine guns?


I chose the road less travelled, but the most thrilling

To help pull the heads stuck in the oil drum

With capitalism overbilling, dollars killing Ugandan Shillings.


Is the future bleak or is it upon us to succumb,

Can we paint the towns green and breathe,

Or do we resign to a life in humdrum, in the bubble of a disposable income?


Hey there! As this is bound to be the last post of this decade, I have decided to go a bit creative and make a rhyme out of the bubbles in my head. The poem might have already given you a clue but I have officially incorporated by start-up, Reshift. Exciting times are ahead and I am thrilled I get to share my story here on the blog with all of you.

I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new decade!